Who Is Behind Flagler Marketing?

Thanks for taking the time to read this inaugural post on Flagler Marketing. My name is Derek Dragojevic, and I’d like to explain why Flagler Marketing exists. Simply put, I see too many local businesses struggling with their marketing efforts – and they don’t even realize it! Sure, you’re pumping pictures and posts into social media everyday. And you’re probably even getting plenty of likes and comments on these posts, but it’s not increasing your bottom line in the way you’d like.

To make matters worse, your company website is in bad shape. Even the pretty sites often lack the info your would-be customers are looking for. You’re spending too much (wasted) effort on social media and neglecting one of the most-powerful tools at your disposal.

You need a solid marketing strategy – a system of gathering an audience, delivering your message, and generating sales. That’s where I come in.  I have a vast background in business technology, computer science, digital media, product management – and, of course, online marketing. I’ve been honing these skills in the corporate environment for decades. Now I want to share that knowledge with small business owners like you.

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